About Me

That’s me, a real baseball twit, Cubs fan for life, always believing they will mlb_a_cubs_sq_300win (next year of course), but I can’t help it, I love my cubbies.  I was born on the north side, near Wrigley, and I used to walk out of my way from home to catch part of the game.  Well I couldn’t see it from outside, but I could hear it, and I could feel it.  There is nothing more amazing than Wrigley field, the smell of the grass, the cheers of the crowd, the scoreboard.  It’s intoxicating.

So why this site?  Well I live and breathe Cubbie Blue, so why not have my own place to read the news from MLB, and post my own rants and ideas about the Cubs, and baseball for that matter.  I’m sure I’ll throw in some other topics for fun as I seem to like the concept of writing, so we will see.  Let Go Cubbies!!!!