Cubs Zanny Suits

If you saw this picture over the weekend, or happened to see a cubs player walking around Pittsburgh, then you likely saw a Cub in a zanny suit.  These are really party suits created and sold by Shinesty, and something Joe Maddon required his players wear on their road trip, complete with a fine if they were caught not wearing it!

Said Joe

“If you’re seen at any time without part of your suit on, it’s a $100 fine — unless you’re working out,” the skipper said. “Like going to the ballpark, in the hotel, going out for Starbucks in the morning, if you’re seen without any part of the suit — the coat, tie, pair of pants, shoes, socks, some method or form of the outfit. If you’re seen without it, it’s a fine.”

I love Joe Maddon and his ways of encouraging his players as well as keeping them loose.  Go Cubs!

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