So I finally got around to reading this article about who needs to stay healthy in 2016, which Bryan writes that Kris Bryant, Jon Lester, Jake Arrieta, Anthony Rizzo and Jason Heyward are the key 5 guys that if healthy should propel the cubs forward.


Kris Bryant had an amazing rookie year in 2015, so as a result the Cubs are going to count on him to produce with his bat in 2016.  He’s a solid infielder, but his bat brings a new dimension to the Cubs, one they need to remain healthy if they want to compete.

Jon Lester is one of the three pictures the Cubs will need to remain healthy in 2016 as he was lights out in 2015 and needs to be the same pitcher he was last year.  With 3 pitchers to count on, losing Lester would not be good for the cubs as it’s unlikely the other two can carry the Cubs the entire way, the Cubs would need to find a replacement for Lester should he go down.

Jake Arrieta last year was virtually unhittable, when he was on the mound is was almost certain the Cubs were going to win.  He needs to be back with the same stuff and stay healthy for the year.  It’s going to be interesting to see if he has the same stuff this year considering he worked a lot of innings last year.

Rizzo, where to begin, the Cubs don’t have anyone that can replace him at first should he have a long-term injury, he hits like his bat is 5 times the size of the rest of the players, so the Cubs need him, his bat, and his ability.

Jason Heyword, the new man of the team, and one where the Cubs spent a lot.  He is an outstanding outfielder and is equally impressive on offense.  Should he go down not only will it be money lost, but the Cubs don’t have another player that can match his abilities.

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